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Packing List

Items we suggest for your travels to India:
  • Passport

  • e-Tourist visa

  • ID (driver's license)

  • Copy of birth certificate (if you lose your passport, you will need this to get a new passport from the Indian Embassy)

  • E-Tickets for airlines

  • Frequent Flyer number for airlines

  • Home/Contact information (in case of emergency- who we should contact)

  • Address Information of our location in India (in case you get lost in town!)-- this will be given to everyone at our group meetings (and we'l have extras with us on the trip too)

  • Money!*

  • Credit card(s)- for additional airline luggage fees (if any) and purchases on trip

  • Pens/paper (if you want to do any writing or make notes-- India pens/paper are not so great!)

  • Raisins, peanuts/trailmix snacks, dried fruit snacks, packaged snacks, powerbars, etc. (for day trips)

  • Comfortable light-weight cotton clothing (again, for ladies, ankle-lengths for skirts/pants modest tops)

  • Long silk underwear (or polypropylene-- anything that "wicks" moisture away from skin)-- for mountains and colder evenings (and easy to dry with a quick wash too) - DO NOT USE COTTON THERMALWEAR as this will be cold and damp and will not wick moisture away

  • 2-3 turtlenecks for mountains (layered is best as it's warm during the day and colder at night)

  • Warm outer wear: fleece/shell combo or separates, or warm jacket/sweater (for mountains and evening wear)

  • Windstopper jacket advised for mountain trekking

  • Light shell (good for rain too)

  • Shawl (can get them in India!)

  • Socks (evening wear)

  • Comfortable light hiking shoes/boots (for mountains) 

  • Comfortable walking shoes (for days in Rishikesh- sandals or Tevas will do)

  • Rubber sandals/flip-flops to wear while bathing, and for comfort/convenience at ashram

  • Hat for sun protection

  • Hat and gloves for cool evenings (will be 30's at night in mountains, with no central heating)

  • Neem extract (preventative for 'Delhi Belly')

  • Berberine (preventative for 'Delhi Belly')

  • Activated charcoal/Tums

  • Probiotics

  • Tylenol (for fevers)

  • Guaifenesin (i.e. Mucinex) to liquify mucous for any respiratory infection

  • Zithromax Z-Pac (upper respiratory infections- need a doctor's prescription to carry with you) doxycyclene (bacterial GI infection)

  • Immodium AD (diarrhea)

  • High altitude medication as recommended/prescribed by your physician (carry prescription with you)

  • Homeopathic remedies

  • Vitamins

  • Any other medications, herbal remedies, etc. that you normally use

  • 2 - 1 Liter water bottles - emptied and packed in the checked luggage.

  • Electrolytes

  • Crystallized ginger and mints (helpful for travel sickness)

  • Toiletries bag (soap, shampoo/rinse, toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant, razors, bandaids, feminine care products, hairbrush/comb, etc.)

  • First aid

  • Small bottle of hydrogen peroxide

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen/lip balm

  • Pocket flashlight or use cell phone flash light

  • Insect repellent

  • Laundry clothespins (10-12 for hanging clothes)

  • Powdered laundry soap (1-2 cups should do-- for quick wash of any underwear or extras)

  • Kleenex/tissues (a few hand packs will do)

  • Wash ‘N’ Dries or hand sanitizer (for day trips-- you'll want something to clean your hands before eating)

  • Toilet paper (2 rolls per person)

  • Daypack or knapsack or fanny pack (for day trips)

  • Money belt (to carry passport and money)

  • Backpack for day trips (for water, snacks, extra jacket, and any purchases you may make, etc.)

  • Duffel for all mountain clothes, travel gear needed (see weight restrictions for flight to Leh)

  • 2-3 TSA-approved combination/key lock (for suitcase in India hotels, etc.)**

  • Sleeping bag liner or bring your own sheets (tiny, light-weight (often silk), stuffable bed liners for bed comfort, if desired)

  • Pocket knife (pack one in your checked suitcase for peeling fruits, etc.)

  • Water bottle carrier (sling for day trips)

  • Alarm clock/watch

  • Cell phone charger, adaptor, surge protector

  • Extra cell phone charger battery pack (nice to have when electricity goes out)

  • Pack towel- something quick drying (you'll have a towel at the ashram, but only one, and it's nice to have a second)

  • Earplugs and eye covers (for plane trip)

  • Pillow for plane/ashram***

  • ZIPLOCK baggies—for clothing, etc. Pack your stuff in them! Good for bus/jeep transport of  suitcases (mountains, etc.)

  • Extra ziplock baggies (large and small) for purchased items or food items (to keep the small critters out of your rooms!)

  • List of what you'd like to buy in India (friends to remember!)

Notes for Moutain Packing (Days 3 - 13):

    NOTE: There is a 33 lbs weight restriction for flights into the mountains. These weight restrictions are very strict in India, and you will be charged additional fees if your bag is over the limit. See [ .   link to site    ]  for additional flight and luggage information. 

    We will have a van to carry all extra (non-mountain) luggage to Rishikesh on Day 3 and we will retrieve this luggage after returning from the mountains for the latter portion of our journey (Days 13 - 21). 

  • Bring one bathing suit/shorts/t-shirt for a dip in the hot springs at Panamik (Day 7)

  • Pack in layers for warmer sunny days and colder evenings (see main packing list above)

  • Pack snacks for day trips and to assist with altitude acclimatization 


* Travelers checks are always a good idea. We often travel with cash too. Either way, you will change money at banks and major hotels (like the airport bank and the hotel where we'll be staying). Remember to NEVER change money or pay people with US dollars on the street- that can land you in jail!!

** Note: We recommend combo locks for your rooms at the ashram in Rishikesh. You will be in double rooms so only one of you will need to bring a lock.

*** There WILL be a pillow for you at the ashram, but the Indian pillows are sad little pillows. Flat little hard things. So it's nice to have a decent pillow if you'd like-- we usually get a cheap one and just leave it behind when we come home. 

Here are some useful links for suggested items:

Luggage Lock

Door Lock (Rishikesh)

Luggage Scale

India outlet adaptor/ Surge Protector (good to have a couple of these just in case!) PLEASE NOTE: these are NOT electric converters, and they will NOT convert the 220 voltage into 120 as may be needed for your electrical devices. The iPhones are equipped to handle both 220 and 120, so no converter is needed-- these adaptor/surge protectors are perfect for iPhones (we aren't as familiar with Android phones, so if you are using one, please check with your company).

Portable Charger

Hand Sanitizer

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