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Holiday Inn 4-star rooms
Leh, Ladakh
The Golden Dragon

Nestled between majestic mountain peaks, this 4-star luxury hotel will be our home base for the majority of the mountain portion of our retreat. Enjoy beautiful views and delightful comfort while we explore the region and experience the depth of Himalayan spirituality.

golden dragon outside dining.jpeg
4-Star Holiday Inn - New Delhi 

We will arrive in India and enjoy our first night at this lovely 4-star hotel in New Delhi. Savor a light snack at night before waking up to the splendid buffet breakfast with a delightful combination of American and Indian selections. Enjoy the hospitality that India is known for!

golden dragon outside.jpg
golden dragon.jpg
Nubra Valley
Stone Hedge

An architectural gem located in the Hunder village of Nubra Valley. With views of the valley and a three-peak confluence, we spend 2 nights in this brand new, solar powered eco-lodge hotel.

stone hedge room2.jpg
Uley Ethnic Resort

The Ule Ethnic Resort in the Sham Valley of Uley, is elevated at 10,000 feet and surrounded by apricot and apple orchards. We will spend one night at this destination famous for its ancient monasteries, river gorges, and trek routes.

stone-hedge outside.jpg
ule ethnic resort room.jpg
ule ethnic resort room2.jpg
sadhana_mandir-4 copy.jpg
Sadhana Mandir Ahram in Risikesh on banks of Ganges river
Sadhana Mandir Ashram

Surrounded by the Himalayan foothills, the Sadhana Mandir ("temple of spiritual practice") Ashram in Rishikesh serves as an international center for sincere aspirants to retreat and practice mediation in a spiritually elevating environment. The ashram radiates peacefulness - even for the first visit, one can experience the special energy, inspiration and pull to inner peacefulness. 

Founded by Swami Rama in 1966, Sadhana Mandir Ashram is an incredible place to stay. They offer beautiful surroundings and freshly prepared, delicious vegetarian meals. A long, long paved walkway lies just in front of the ashram where you can take beautiful walks along the Ganga-- perfect for morning or evening strolls. The morning sun rises from behind the mountains and cuts through the fog, and you can sometimes see wild elephants in the wild jungles across the Ganga. The slower paced lifestyle at the ashram and in Rishikesh makes it an easy location choice for anyone coming to India for the first time or returning for a deeper experience of India.

4-Star Hotel DoubleTree

We will enjoy our evening in Agra at this beautiful 4-star hotel. Our rest this night will be alongside the sacred energies of the majestic Taj Mahal, which rests on the south bank of the Yamuna River. The spiritual power of visiting the resting places of those venerated ones was understood as a catalyst for greater personal sanctity. Indeed, for many, the Taj Mahal is a reflection of a paradise here on earth.

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